On December 6, 2012, New Jersey Assembly Bill 3581 was introduced and referred to the Assembly Budget Committee.  The Bill would amend New Jersey’s current statute concerning enforcement, penalties and procedures for law regarding failure to pay wages and provide for enhanced penalties, among other things.  The Bill is part of the Assembly’s recent push to promote job creation and economic development through a series of legislative initiatives.Continue Reading New Jersey Introduces Bill Enhancing Penalties For Failure To Pay Wages

Employers striving to comply with federal and state wage laws may soon have one more thing to worry about — local “wage theft” laws.  In Florida, the Board of Commissioners for Miami-Dade County recently approved an ordinance that prohibits private sector employers from failing to pay employees all wages owed and gives the county authority to intervene and seek remedies on behalf of employees.  San Francisco already has a wage theft ordinance, and Los Angeles and New Orleans are considering similar measures.Continue Reading “Wage Theft” Laws: Coming Soon to a County Near You