In-House Employment Counsel and Human Resources Executives may soon find themselves called on to provide input into their company’s SEC filings.  The SEC recently issued a new rule that requires a more comprehensive description of a public company’s human capital resources, if material, in the Company’s 10-K filing. These disclosures are likely to include statements about diversity and inclusion, compensation, hiring and other employment metrics that have traditionally been within the province of Employment Legal and Human Resources.

Trends in 2020, not surprisingly, show that public companies have an increasing focus on social purpose, equality, workforce welfare and diversity. These trends and the SEC’s new human capital disclosure requirements are having an impact outside the core SEC disclosure space on human resources, executive compensation design and diversity and inclusion programs.

Join our multidisciplinary panel of Hunton Andrews Kurth partners for a wide-ranging CLE that will include a discussion about the legal frame work for developing diversity and inclusion initiatives, how to balance legal risk with the desire to implement effective programs, new disclosure rules impacting these programs, and the pitfalls that may arise in communicating these programs through SEC filings and other public statements.

For In-House Employment Counsel and Human Resources Executives, this CLE will lay the foundation for you to better understand how you can add value to your company’s annual disclosure process.

Webinar:      The SEC’s New Human Capital Rule, Workplace Diversity and Compensation Design

When:          Wednesday, September 30, 2020